Thursday, 25 June 2009

PSPS Scottish Branch Midsummer Charter

For many years during the 1980s and 1990s the annual PSPS Scottish Branch Midsummer Charter of Waverley enjoyed superb weather but in the last few years there has been some not so good nights - although the atmosphere on board was always great. For the 2009 charter the tremendous weather returned - a fitting night to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Scottish Branch. Aboard for tonight's sail were Peter Reid (the charter organiser of many years standing) and Ian Somerville - both genetlemen had attended the first Branch meeting away back in 1969. Some of us have only been members for 37 years! Waverley's lady Chief Officer graciously agreed to cut the birthday cake.

The good weather did cause some problems as the high atmospheric pressure left the low water depth at Helensburgh pier well below the value ib the tide tables. So much so that the regular ferry Seebus cancelled her call and Waverley had to go from Greenock to Blairmore first to allow the depth of water at Helenburgh to come up sufficiently for the paddler to berth - thankfully the large crowd of passengers on Helensburgh pier waited around and the paddler left there one hour after the intended depature time. Because of the detour there was insufficient time to do the intended Loch Long cruise - so we rounded Cloch (looking superb in the evening sun and headed south towards Wemyss Bay.

These pictures by Tom Dunlop show the paddler arriving at Helensburgh on the first (delayed call) and departing into the midsummer 'darkness' - a good night, enjoyed by over 700 passengers. Thanks to Peter Reid for arranging the charter and Branch Chairman Stuart Mears for arranging the on board musical entertainment.