Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Waverley in Exercise with RAF Rescue Helicopter off Clacton

On Sunday 4th October, while on passage between Harwich and Clacton, RAF Rescue Helicopter ZH540, from B Flight RAF 22 Squadron based at Wattisham, carried out an exercise with PS Waverley and landed one of the aircraft crew on Waverley's deck. I've seen the Coastguard helicopters come and take a close look at Waverley on quite a few occasions but never seen anyone actually landed on deck before. A few minutes of great interest (and noise!) on an excellent cruise from Harwich to Tower Pier, London.

The crew member from the helicopter is given a warm welcome by
Waverley's Purser, Jim McFadzean
with those famous words - "will you be needing the coach back?"

A fuller sequence of the visit from above can be found at Helicopter Exercise

Charles McCrossan

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