Friday, 8 October 2010

La Suisse 2009

After looking at the video clips suggested by Stuart I thought I could share some pictures taken of La Suisse when I visited Lake Geneva in 2009.

Arriving Montreux

The standards of the recent rebuild are very high and I was particularly impressed by the main dining saloon.  I tend to take a number of interior photos as they help to give an impression of what it is like to sail aboard a certain vessel. The following pictures give some indication of the high standard of finish which was achieved in the rebuild of La Suisse.

The main first class dining saloon in neo-classic "Louis XVI" style

The staircase from the main deck to the upper first class deck. Note the "glass" deck aft of the engine.
This is also a feature on the other recently rebuilt Lake Geneva paddle Savoie.

The upper deck dining area during a busy lunch time service

Upper deck looking forward

The Sulzer engine

Departing Lausanne-Ouchy

Paul Semple

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