Monday, 25 June 2012

Scottish Branch Clyde Timetable 2012

All PSPS members should now have received their summer 2012 Paddle Wheels magazine along with a Waverley Clyde Timetable produced by the Scottish Branch. This timetable is very similar to those produced by WEL for some years as the main Clyde advertising leaflet. The Scottish Branch committee felt it appropriate to produce enough timetables for all PSPS members. The committee would welcome any feedback on the leaflet, positive or otherwise. A JPEG image (low quality) of the timetable/fares page is given below but if anyone would prefer a pdf file of the leaflet or just the timetable/fares page which is of much higher quality please email

Scottish Branch Committee

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Anonymous said...

I had one of the new timetables in the post. Very clear and easy to understand unlike some timetables that come out for the ship. Well done. Perhaps other areas will follow your lead . .