Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Great Day Out!

,Good Friday saw Waverley embark on her annual programme of sailings amidst the scenery of the Western Isles of Scotland.
After a delayed start at Glasgow the ship made calls at Greenock & Campbeltown before heading round the Mull of Kintyre after which she altered course for Colonsay via The Sound of Islay. 
Shortly after a call was put out for a doctor as someone had taken ill. Scottish Branch assistant secretary Shelagh Holt attended with another gent
A little while later,  having taken advantage of the 5 knot tide (the ship was achieving 19 knots over the ground) a Royal Navy Sea King appeared overhead and deposited a paramedic onto Waverley's after deck. At this point the sea king then left the scene to refuel while Waverley continued to Colonsay. On arrival at the pier the patient and paramedic disembarked to await the return of the sea king.
Waverley set sail almost immediately for Oban.  So what time do you think she arrived at Oban's North Pier?
2115 - only 45mins later than timetabled! A great effort given the challenging day. Hats off to Captain O'Brian and his crew.

Gavin Stewart