Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Wee Taste of Rum

Easter Saturday saw the world's only sea going paddle steamer boarding passengers for a trip to the Isle of Rum via Tobermorey. After a night of strong winds and heavy rain showers the morning was grey and overcast as Waverley backed away from Oban North Pier but by the time she had tied up at Tobermorey pier the sun had forced it's way through although the temperature was still on the chilly side.
As the ship rounded Ardnamurchan her movement became more pronounced which remained the case until she approached the anchorage not far from the ferry slip. After a short wait for the tender Uillin of Staffa to come alongside the process of ferrying passengers ashore began. Time ashore was limited due to there being one tender but sufficient for a quick stroll and some photos. In what seemed like no time everyone was safely back on board and Waverley weighed anchor and set sail for Tobermorey, eventually arriving back at Oban North Pier at approximately 2130.

Gavin Stewart