Sunday, 24 April 2011

Waverley on STV News

On Friday evening (22nd April) the STV News reported the following:

"The operators of the Waverley have warned that high fuel prices, combined with a drop in passenger numbers following a string of washout summers, could force the end of a decades-old tradition".

To read more and watch the report click the following link:

Paul Semple

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Anonymous said...

A good report. Hopefully the public will respond when they get the chance. Which won't be this week as the Clyde will be Waverley free.

Maybe if she had actually been on the Clyde this week and next instead of traipsing around the largely passenger free West Highlands she might have seen a lot more business.

Nice as it is to go to Oban and the West Highlands, at the right time of year, the longer than usual Easter, Royal Wedding holiday and Bank Holiday weekend, coupled with prospects for reasonable weather means that Waverley should have been in Glasgow welcoming many more passengers aboard than her current stint in the Highlands will see.

A basic law of tourism needs to be followed. When such rare opportunities arise - fish where the fish are.