Monday, 30 April 2012

Waverley and Balmoral leaving drydock - Monday 30th April 2012

The following sequence of photographs shows Waverley and Balmoral leaving drydock.

Waverley was undocked, with the help of Clyde Marines two tugs Biter and Beaver Bay, 
and moved to Greenock Custom House Quay - the last short section under her own power.

 Balmoral and Waverley afloat and waiting for the dock gates to be opened

 Easing out of the drydock, assisted by tug Biter on the stern.  Beaver Bay waits to attach a bow rope

 A stiff breeze made extra work for the tugs

Canted and heading for Custom House Quay

After Waverley had been safely undocked and moved to Custom House Quay, 
some crew from Waverley and tug Beaver Bay returned to attend to Balmoral.

 Balmoral assisted out of the dock by Beaver Bay

 Balmoral now under her own power, heads for James Watt dock

 A close up of Balmoral's new paint scheme on her stern

Safely into the James Watt Dock and heading to tie up alongside