Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dry Dock Pictures 2

As the dry dock work nears completion Joe McKendrick has supplied a few more pictures. As can be seen below Waverley's bow is now repaired and only requires painting. The standard of paint on both ships is excellent and thanks are due to Joe for supplying the photos taken today (Saturday 28th April).

With both ships now looking ready to sail thoughts turn to the full season ahead and in particular the various events which both ships will take part in this year. Tickets are now on sale for both PSPS Scottish Branch charters with the evening cruise from Greenock, Helensburgh and Blairmore on Thursday 28 June and then of course the full day charter on Sunday 8 July in celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the CRSC. All Scottish Branch members would have received full details for both sailings along with the spring issue of Paddle Wheels. As with previous seasons the regular support of PSPS members is vital and the best support we can give the ships is to sail on them as often as possible and bring as many family and friends along, espcially as in a season where Waverley celebrates 200 years of Steam Navigation.

P Semple

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