Sunday, 14 August 2011

Waverley wins 65th IMechE Engineering Heritage Award

Professor Pollock, President Elect of the IMechE presents the plaque to Chief Engineer Ken Henderson aboard Waverley.
(Photo: Neil Warbrick)

On Sunday 14th August 2011, paddle steamer Waverley, in her 65th year as a Clyde excursion steamer, was presented with the 65th IMechE Engineering Heritage Award by Professor Isobel Pollock, President Elect of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The Engineering Heritage Award  was established in 1984 to celebrate excellence in mechanical engineering. The unique strengths of the Award enable both the Institution and the mechanical engineering profession to benefit through increasing public awareness of engineering, past and present.

The Award recognises artefacts, locations, collections and landmarks of significant mechanical engineering importance, many of which have been previously recognised under the Engineering Heritage Hallmark Scheme.

To qualify for an Award, the artefact/location/collection/landmark submitted for consideration must demonstrate at least one of the following criteria:

  • A unique feature eg first of a kind, oldest in existence or only surviving example
  • Industrial innovation
  • A facet of mechanical engineering, or associated with a person or event, which has made a significant contribution to society and/or mechanical engineering
Details of the award to Waverley can be read in full on the IMechE website at:

Other projects that have received the IMechE Engineering Heritage Award are described in the following online / download PDF booklet

Recognising Engineering Excellence: Past, Present and Future

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

DS Unterwalden-Back in Service

Approaching Vitznau on Swiss National Day (1st August 2011)

The Lake Lucerne paddle steamer Unterwalden returned to service in May this year after an overhaul lasting over 30 months and costing more than 10 million Swiss francs (£8 million).

Unterwalden was built by the renowned Swiss company Escher Wyss and entered service on 18th May 1902. Since then she has had 4 general overhauls, including a period from 1978 to 1985 when she was out of service. Substantial rebuilding in 1961 allowed her to sail under the then new Acheregg motorway bridge. Her appearance after that overhaul was less in keeping with her original build and this recent overhaul has ensured that she looks more like she appeared in 1902 while incorporating the latest technology.  The masts, funnel and wheelhouse can still be lowered to allow her to reach Alpnachstad, she is the only paddler able to do this. The outside steering stand and tent structure on the upper foredeck have been remodelled and the Stubli has been created once again under the wheelhouse. The restoration of the First Class saloon is of the highest standard complete with hand-painted ceiling decorations.
This year during the peak season Unterwalden is on the 1045 departure from Lucerne to Alpnachstad, she is then on the 1400 Lucerne to Kussnacht and also the 1545 Lucerne to Stansstad. This gives her a slightly different roster from that which she operated prior to her recent overhaul. She is also being used on the sunset cruises (the 1912 to Vitznau) on a Tuesday and Wednesday through July and August. Previously these cruises had been operated by Uri during the peak season. It is thought from next year the daily sunset cruise will be operated by a paddle steamer everyday in the peak season. I can certainly recommend any sailing on Lake Lucerne by a paddler but dining in the First Class saloon aboard Unterwalden while experiencing a sunset is a memory which will last a lifetime.
The following pictures should give some idea of the standard of the work which has been carried out on Unterwalden and her current appearance.  Reference can be made to the blog given on this site dated 29th December 2010.
One of the orginal boiler plates

Steam Engine
Upper Foredeck

Upper deck looking aft

First Class Saloon looking forward
(Note the wood carving and ceiling)

Note the attention to detail in the wood carving, chairs and ceiling in the First Class Saloon

Lower deck looking forward

Pursers' Office

On route to Brunnen for the fireworks to mark Swiss National Day

Paul Semple