Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tickets on sale for Ormidale Charter

Tickets are now on sale for the joint charter of Waverley by the PSPS and CRSC. Tickets for landing at Ormidale are limited and early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Click on the image below and download a booking form for tickets for Waverley either cruising to Ormidale or landing at Ormidale.

Tickets are also available to sail outward on either The Second Snark or Waverley and return on the opposite vessel. Tickets for this option to sail on both vessels are available through the Coastal Cruising Association. Click the image below and download a copy of the CCA booking form.

Tickets will also be on sale at the April meetings of both the PSPS (Scottish Branch) and CRSC subject to availability.

Scottish Branch Committee

Monday, 19 March 2012

Loch Riddon Charter tickets now on Sale

Tickets for the PSPS/CRSC joint charter of Waverley to Loch Riddon are now on sale and booking forms will be issued with the Spring issue of Paddle Wheels. Two booking forms are avialble. One form is for tickets to sale to Ormidale oboth outward and return on Waverley.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Waverley in Loch Riddon 1975

During Waverley's first season in preservation Loch Riddon was a regular cruising destination on a Sunday afternoon. The following pictures have been kindly provided by Captain Murray Paterson which show Waverley on Sunday 3rd August 1975 making the turn into Loch Riddon after coming through the narrows and then turning in Loch Riddon before heading back through the narrows. Her turning circle allowed her to turn in one attempt although this is unlikely to be possible nowadays with yacht moorings etc. On this occasion as Waverley left Loch Riddon the Queen Mary can be seen passing through the narrows.

Waverley entering Loch Riddon Sunday 3rd August 1975

Waverley makes her turn in Loch Riddon

Waverley heads back towards the Kyles of Bute as Queen Mary passes through the narrows.

A typical scene in the early years of Waverley's preservation.

Many thanks to Murray for allowing these pictures to be shared on this blog. Any other pictures of Waverley in and around Loch Riddon would be most welcome, email them to

Paul Semple

Monday, 12 March 2012

PSPS Loch Riddon Charter May 1972

In May 1972 the PSPS Scottish Branch chartered Waverley sailing from Gourock,Wemyss Bay and Largs to Loch Riddon to land at Ormidale pier by the M.V. Rover, however on the day it was the M.V. The Second Snark which tendered to Waverley at Loch Riddon.

The following pictures were taken in May 1972 and permission has kindly been given to post them on this blog.

This picture was taken from The Second Snark as passengers board Waverley
at Gourock before departing for Wemyss Bay

A further close up of Waverley at Gourock

The Second Snark at Ormidale pier with Waverley at anchor in Loch Riddon
A view of Waverley taken from The Second Snark as she tenders to Waverley
For more pictures of Waverley and other steamers during the 70's click the following link,

The planned charter to Ormidale this year should give plenty of photo opportunities for those passengers on The Second Snark either when sailing on her from/to Greenock or while landing at Ormidale from Waverley.

Tickets for the charter will be on sail at the next two Branch meetings on Friday 16th March and Friday 20th April (Branch AGM), postal booking forms will be sent out in the Spring issue of Paddle Wheels.

Paul Semple

Friday, 9 March 2012

PSPS Waverley Charters 2012

It is now confirmed that the PSPS (Scottish Branch) has organised two charters of Paddle Steamer Waverley this summer.

The first charter is the Branch Mid-Summer fundraising cruise from Greenock, Helensburgh & Blairmore cruising up Loch Long towards Arrochar. This will take place on Thursday 28th June.

The second charter is a day of celebration when on Sunday 8th July the Scottish Branch and the Clyde River Steamer Club are jointly chartering Waverley for a cruise from Greenock, Helensburgh, Largs and Rothesay to Loch Riddon with the option of landing at Ormidale by tender. This charter will commemorate three events - the 40th Anniversary of the PSPS charter to Ormidale in May 1972, the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the CRSC in 1932, and the 80th Anniversary of the CRSC's first outing which was aboard P.S. Jupiter to Ormidale in 1932. The charter is in conjunction with the Coastal Cruising Association who are chartering the 1938 built M.V. The Second Snark from Greenock to Loch Riddon. The Second Snark will then act as tender to Waverley to allow a limited number of passengers a short time ashore. Tickets will also be sold through the CCA to allow a limited number of passengers to sail outward on either Waverley or The Second Snark and then return on the other vessel. It is hoped that as many members as possible from the PSPS, CRSC and CCA will support this cruise.

Further details of timings and fares for both charters will be released shortly.

The picture below shows Waverley at anchor in Loch Riddon in 1972 on the previous PSPS charter to Ormidale.

Photo by Gordon Wilson
 Other photos of Waverley in Loch Riddon are most welcome from members. Email them to Pictures of Waverley at Ormidale in 1972 or in Loch Riddon will be posted on this blog.

Paul Semple